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  • Phil Charles

    Phil Charles

    Helping professionals find their super power. For more see

  • Mohamed Chenini

    Mohamed Chenini

  • Prabhu Vara Prasad Bonam

    Prabhu Vara Prasad Bonam

  • novalis


  • Roy Huff

    Roy Huff

    Best-selling author, scientist & teacher. "A simple, effective plan to change your life." Get your FREE toolkit!

  • Julian Dumitrascu

    Julian Dumitrascu

    My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources:

  • Corsair's Publishing

    Corsair's Publishing

    Articles that engage, educate, and entertain through analogies, analytics, and … occasionally, pirates!

  • Thomas Yeung

    Thomas Yeung

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